This is a place in which


For the immense beauty of nature.In front of a horizon of sky and sea, intoxicated by its scents and colours. In front of a sunset, majestic spectacle of light, under a sky illuminated by infinite stars, rediscovering authentic flavours that speak of our beautiful land.

The soul of

cibo chiacchiere e vino

is based on Mediterranean cuisine, seasonality and freshness of ingredients We offer a simple cuisine, ancient recipes of the Sicilian tradition and a careful selection of raw ingredients.

Excellent raw


In our choice of ingredients, we favour the products of our territory, organic and fair trade – not just because it’s the ethical choice and shows loyalty to our philosophy, but also to enhance many products and producers of our land. Many products such as extra virgin olive oil, ancient Sicilian grains from which we make the flour and wholemeal tumminia busiate, Sicilian black bee honey, herbs, seasonal vegetables are produced in Favignana on our organic farm, Terre del Favonio. Excellent raw ingredients and very few industrial processes bring dishes with an ancient flavour to the table and help rediscover what our true tradition is.

  • Flours
  • $ 100
  • organic Tumminia and Mallorca, varieties of ancient Sicilian grains produced by the milling of wheat grown on our farm, Terre del Favonio.
  • Pasta
  • $ 100
  • organic Tumminia and Mallorca, varieties of ancient Sicilian grains produced by the milling of wheat grown on our farm, Terre del Favonio.
  • Oil
  • $ 100
  • organic Tumminia and Mallorca, varieties of ancient Sicilian grains produced by the milling of wheat grown on our farm, Terre del Favonio.
  • Honey
  • $ 100
  • organic black Sicilian bee (Apis mellifera Sicula) produced by our farm Terre del Favonio.
  • Cheese
  • $ 100
  • and dairy products that are the expression of the island’s excellence
  • Vegetables
  • $ 100
  • and aromatic plants produced in the vegetable garden of our farm Terre del Favonio and in the gardens of Favignana and Trapani.

Our idea


Based on the fundamental principles of seasonality, freshness of ingredients and a focus on our terroir, our kitchen offers Sicilian culinary tradition with passion. Our dishes are prepared in a simple and natural way which guarantees freshness and a high quality of food – we do not use pre-prepared or industrial food.
Our kitchen offers a menu of fresh and tasty dishes which follow the natural rhythm of the seasons. Traditional Sicilian entrées, excellent Sicilian cheeses accompanied with black bee honey, preserves, pickled candied fruits in a spicy syrup, bruschetta, crostoni and cunzato bread seasoned with good extra virgin olive oil, and with all the best the area has to offer.
The best of traditional home cooking and Sicilian street food in tapas portions: arancinette, sfincione, caponata, panelle... and much more.

Every day


Tasty and different tapas plates for brunch.

A quick lunch on the way back from the sea or for your aperitif at sunset.

An off-beat choice


“Let nature take its course and let the harmony and energy of the plants be transmitted from the bunches to the wine, completely expressing the terroir to which they belong.”
Marco Sferlazzo, Gateway of the Wind

The wines we offer to our guests are the result of careful research and selection among the best Sicilian wines, constantly updated to best represent the wine offer of the many areas of our beautiful island.[/mkdf_dropcaps] The Sicilian sector distinguishes itself by its historical companies and small production niches in those corners of Sicily where daring winemakers carry on a viticulture defined as “heroic”. We have chosen some small producers of natural wines – “small” for the size of their land and the number of bottles produced, but “big” for the quality of their wines. We share the basic philosophy that guides them in the production of their wines – respect for nature, for the traditions and culture of a territory, for the soil and for the vineyard. From this respect comes the choice to recover and enhance the native grape varieties of the production areas.

A And from this “respect” comes the careful and patient care of the vineyard that requires a lot of manual work but also allows to obtain excellent ingredients; the exclusion of chemistry both in the vineyard and in the cellar, privileging ancient techniques such as grassing and green manure that preserve and increase the fertility of the soil and the biodiversity of the ecosystem, the use of only indigenous yeasts (those naturally present on the grapes) instead of selected ones. the artisanal dimension of these companies allows for manual harvesting which gives the producers the “luxury” of choosing the best bunches with a consequent minimum amount of processing. All this allows the wine to best express the characteristics of the vine and its specific territory, what the French call “terroir”.

Of our Sicily, we also offer craft beers, sweet wines, and bitters, all of which complement our offerings.

Accepting soil diversity


A wine must know about the land from which it comes (....) The development of healthy soil and a balanced ecosystem within the vineyard, however, means a lot of work and above all a lot of manual labour. We harvest by hand, though it’s more tiring, I can allow myself the luxury of choosing only the best, healthiest and most mature bunches. And when I write the vintage on the bottle, I remember those grapes, because the vintage of a wine is the vintage of the harvest – everything starts from the fruit, from the beginning (....) The passage in the winery then becomes easier and less interventionist (....) The natural wine starts from respect for the soil and the vineyard. The idea is that this portion of land we have was given to us as a gift and one day we will leave it to those who come after us, with the obligation to pass it on in better health and in better condition than we found it. Arianna Occhipinti, Natural Woman, Fandango Books