About Us

Terre del Favonio, our organic farm, was founded in 2012, but the idea behind this project has always been inside of us.

We love and respect our territory and the natural surroundings of Favignana which is essentially an agricultural landscape. We would like to see it protected and enhanced. From this aspiration comes the idea of an organic farm in contrast to the abandonment of the fields.


Respect for nature and the terroir, the dedication to the work of the land and care for the farm and its agricultural production represent the soul of Terre del Favonio.

Every choice we make starts from respect for the land, from the idea is that this portion of land we have was given to us as a gift and one day we will leave it to those who come after us, with the obligation to pass it on in better health and in better condition than we found it.



We are Sicilians, proud of our tradition and of what our land can produce. Hence our commitment to recover and enhance the native varieties of the Sicilian territory .


It's nature


We farm organically with both conviction and passion. We do not use synthetic chemical substances and fertilization is carried out with green manure from field beans and wild plants. We reduce tilling to a minimum, try to safeguard and increase the balance and biodiversity of the ecosystem and let wild plants grow between crops and at the edges of the fields.

The farm consists of several plots located in the western part of the island of Favignana, for a total of about 50 hectares.

The main cultivations are olive trees, 2,135 plants, arable land covering 8 hectares and vineyards, 17,000 trees planted with saplings arranged in 84 rows. We also produce vegetables, aromatic plants, figs, prickly pears, Sicilian black bee honey and eggs from free and happy hens.

The olive grove covers about 7 hectares. The varieties cultivated are those typical of the Trapani area, 80% Biancolilla, 10% Nocellara and 10% Cerasuola.[/mkdf_dropcaps] With these olives we produce our extra virgin olive oil. The olives are hand-picked from the tree with combs and dropped on special nets to avoid contact with the ground. This allows the olives to avoid being damaged and is a fundamental aspect to guarantee quality oil. In the arable land, we cultivate ancient varieties of durum wheat and Sicilian soft wheat, Tumminia, Russello, Perciasacchi, Majorca, with which we produce wholemeal flours and our wholemeal Busiate, a pasta typical of Trapani. The wheat is mainly ground by stone and cylinders, thus maintaining all its nutritional properties. The vineyard covers 4 hectares in which 3 native vines suitable for the territory, Grillo, Cataratto and Frappato have been planted.

The vineyard is a magical place that vibrates with wind and light. It feeds on the sun, the wind, salt, the scents of the Mediterranean brush and the sea. It feeds on the immense beauty of this nature that surrounds it and transmits it to its fruit. We indulge nature in the vineyard and continue to indulge it in the cellar. This is the path that leads to a natural wine that can tell the story of this wonderful land.